Top stories about vehicle hygiene from around the transportation industry

Buyers more concerned about cars being disinfected than price drops

The assurance that cars have been disinfected by dealers is more important to boosting car buyer confidence than price reductions, according to new consumer research by eBay Motors Group.

When asked what type of services would most increase their levels of confidence in dealers under the current circumstances caused by COVID-19, a third of buyers cited thorough car cleaning to ensure vehicles are disinfected, ahead of price reductions.

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RVs might not be as clean as
you think

While renting an RV can avoid some of the hygiene challenges that hotels present, RVs come with their own sets of high-touch areas including the steering wheel, seat belts, tables, microwaves and doorknobs.


While some RV rental companies claim to have instituted stricter cleaning procedures because of the coronavirus, a clean RV rental isn’t necessarily a guarantee, particularly if you’re renting directly from a private owner.

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Rental Cars Weren't Cleaned Between Customers

In the age of COVID-19, rental car companies are promising to keep customers safe with enhanced cleaning measures. But using an invisible ink test, Inside Edition's Investigative Unit recently found cars that hadn’t been properly cleaned between customers.

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Car-sharing a factor in the spread of Covid-19 during new UK outbreak

Earlier this month, the UK's NHS said issues with public transport coupled with shift patterns meant some health and social care staff were having to car-share to get to and from work leading to a new outbreak. It said the virus could spread "quickly and easily" in cars, even if people wore face coverings.

Health board officials across the country are urging health care workers and the general public avoid car-sharing wherever possible.

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Stories about MoveClean in the news

Move Clean and HYGIENICA, a maker of industry-leading Electro-Hygiene disinfecting technology, partner to bring new dispensing technology to the transportation space

Transportation is a broad segment that requires multiple form factors to efficiently meet customer's hygiene expectations. Larger areas, such as commercial fleets, require a dispensing system that is both efficient and fits operator's workflows. As many commercial fleets are operating under capacity, they are able to get by with suboptimal practices, but when returning to a new normal, operators will need to rethink how they communicate and administer better hygiene practices at scale.

As these services prepare to return to higher utilization, partnerships like that of Move Clean and HYGIENICA will provide a sustainable model for operations to keep drivers, riders and workers safe and healthy

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Shell Lubricants US and Turtle Wax Inc. Announce Collaboration with Move Clean to launch total vehicle hygiene services for the Automotive Industry

Move Clean, in a collaboration with Shell Lubricants US and Turtle Wax, will offer in-vehicle hygiene solutions to protect drivers, riders and workers to get the world moving again safely.

Shell Lubricants US and Turtle Wax, Inc. announced the launch of Move Clean, an innovative total vehicle hygiene company focused exclusively on the auto industry. Born out of a collaboration between two of the industry's most trusted names, Move Clean is focused on addressing the rising customer concerns around the cleanliness and safety of their vehicles – an issue that has been exacerbated by the COVID-19 pandemic.

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