What is SmartPod?

SmartPod is a digitally controlled product dispensing system and is the most advanced mobile dispensing system available for dispensing an EPA-registered disinfecting and sanitizing chemistry. SmartPod has been designed specifically to apply Defend-X Disinfecting and Sanitizing Solution, and Odor-X Odor Eliminator products from Turtle Wax Pro.

What advantages does the digital control provide on the SmartPod dispenser?

Digital control allows SmartPod to dispense products in a consistent way, application after application. Once a baseline is established for the amount of product required to treat a specific vehicle, room, or other items, a specific product application cycle can be set up for that object. Up to three pre-set application cycles can be programmed into the SmartPod digital control. The digital control system can be programmed to dispense an exact amount of product over a specific amount of time, to give control of the application consistency. Having this level control is crucial to ensure correct and effective application of the Defend-X Disinfecting and Sanitizing Solution.

Is SmartPod simple to use?

Absolutely. SmartPod uses an intuitive touch-screen interface that directs the operator through the process. Color-coded hoses allow for quick identification of the correct application wand for the chosen product. SmartPod even includes on-board instructional tutorial videos to explain assembly and operation.

What are the dimensions of SmartPod?

SmartPod is a robust maneuverable dispensing system, with a design suited to a service center, detailing shop, warehouse, or even outdoor application (weather permitting).

Height: 46” (1168 mm)

Width: 29” (740 mm)

Depth: 28” (711 mm)

Weight: 100 lbs (45 kg)

What products can be used with the SmartPod dispenser?

Defend-X and Odor-X by Turtle Wax Pro in 1 gallon containers (128 oz.) are the only products approved and authorized to be used in the SmartPod dispenser at this time.

How much product does SmartPod use?

In a standard sized passenger car:

  • Typical application of Defend-X requires 1.5 oz.

  • Typical application of Odor-X requires 0.5 oz.

What spray technology does the SmartPod employ?

The spray wands are specially designed to dispense Defend-X in the right droplet size to be in compliance with the EPA claims. The combination of the spray wands and SmartPod’s digital controls manage the right amount of chemistry per average vehicle size to meet the EPA claims for wetness and dwell or dry time. Ergonomically designed trigger wands allow for application into tight spaces without operator fatigue. An on-board air compressor provides clean / dry air to propel the products onto surfaces being treated.

Does SmartPod use Electrostatic application technology?

SmartPod does not use Electrostatic technology.

What are the power requirements for SmartPod?

SmartPod uses a standard 120V North American plug. SmartPod requires the use of a 3 prong grounded extension cord and receptacle. Amperage rating is 5.5 Amps.

Are there other utility requirements for SmartPod?

WiFi connectivity is required at all times to ensure proper setup and application tracking. No external compressed air or water connection is required for SmartPod.

What is the purpose of the WiFi connection?

SmartPod connects to a secure cloud server to allow for remote monitoring of product levels, alerts, and dispensing statistics. This data is accessible by location and company managers to allow for product ordering, and application / performance tracking. All messages are time-stamped before being sent to the cloud to facilitate application tracking and reporting.

What happens if SmartPod loses its WiFi connection?

SmartPod will check for a WiFi connection when it is turned on, and will not allow startup without WiFi. If WiFi is lost while SmartPod is active or during a dispense cycle, the system will continue to function, and data is recorded to prevent data loss.

Are different length application hoses available for SmartPod?

The standard hose length provided with SmartPod is 25’. Other hoses up to 50’ in length are available for an additional fee.

What if I have an issue with SmartPod?  How do I obtain technical support or Service?

Simply reach out:

1 (877) 857-3870

Our technical support team can arrange on-site service, or system exchange to ensure maximum reliability and uptime.

Can I see SmartPod Online?

Check out

How much product can fit in the Hygienica HX Pro Plus backpack?

The Hygienica HX Pro Plus backpack has a 10 liter (2.7 gallon) tank.

What are the power requirements for the Hygienica HX Pro Plus backpack?

The Hygienica HX Pro Plus backpack uses a 110V plug.

Can I use the Hygienica HX Pro Plus backpack for both Odor-X and Defend-X?

No, if you want to be able to spray both Odor-X and Defend-X, our recommended solution is the SmartPod. The Hygienica HX Pro Plus backpack is only the preferred solution if you need something portable and only want to spray Defend-X. This backpack is not suited for spraying Odor-X.

What does the Hygienica HX Pro Plus backpack weigh?

The Hygienica HX Pro Plus backpack is approximately 9lbs when it's empty.

How long does it take to spray my car with disinfectant?

The spray takes seconds, but after application, there is a drying time between 2 to 5 minutes to activate Defend-X and Odor-X.


What is MoveClean?

MoveClean is a trusted vehicle hygiene solution to keep drivers, riders and workers safe and healthy.

How is MoveClean different from the products already on the market?

While there are several solutions on the market for treating vehicle disinfection, very few were built with the automotive industry in mind. MoveClean offers multiple solutions focused on navigating the changing needs in vehicle hygiene in a sustainable business model for today and in the future.

Where are MoveClean solutions available today?

MoveClean is delivered through service providers to end consumers. Since MoveClean doesn’t have service centers of their own, customers looking to get a service can find a participating service center.

How does MoveClean decide who to engage as partners and how many partners are currently involved?

We’re dedicated to partnering with trusted brands in the automotive space that have a similar understanding of the changing needs in vehicle hygiene today but also how it will be impacted by new mobility business models. MoveClean has multiple national and multi-national partners in advanced discussions to join the effort over the coming months.

Why did Shell Lubricants and Turtle Wax choose to team up together to launch MoveClean?

As two innovative brands within the automotive industry, both Shell Lubricants and Turtle Wax are aware of and wanted to be part of the solution to solving the increasing issue of vehicle hygiene and the consumer demand for it from service providers.

I’m a service provider, how can I partner with MoveClean?

MoveClean is interested in expanding our partner network and you can reach us at or reach out to us on our Contact Us page.

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